Yumi Ueno Art Jewelry & Meta
Yumi Ueno Art Jewelry & Metal

I graduated Art College in Tokyo, Japan. My major was graphic design.
After coming to the US, I started making jewelry. I am self taught artist.
I had been dreaming to be jewelry artist when I was in Japan.
My dream came true.

 My jewelry is being made with gold, silver, base metal, precious,
and semi-precious stones.
I try to use these materials freely to create my own unique designs.
I hope sensibilities of my design is able to communicate to many people.

 I have two different themes. On the one hand, they are exploration of three dimensional
geometric abstraction. The others are  whimsical and humorous.

 When I create either way, I always focus on the balance  of movement and direction.
I am fascinated with the beauty of color and texture of the stone that sometimes leads me
to new designs.

 Keep challenging for creation is my life.